Salomon Brigade Pro Model Helmet

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Salomon's Brigade Pro Model with Audio is at home ripping it up in the terrain park, but suitable all over the mountain for those with a bold style. This helmet is a modern classic, mixing the classy faux leather encasing with audio capabilities in the earflaps, catering to multiple age groups on the hill.

Removable ear flaps: Soft ear flaps that can be removed for warm weather skiing, or to make the helmet feel a little wider.

Beanie Convertible: A layer of padding is easily removed that is the thickness of the average beanie, which prevents a change in fit of the helmet. Even after removed, thin padding remains to still get the benefit of the helmet's padding.

Safety Standards: CE EN 1077-96: This is a European standard that has performed testing on these helmets to ensure they function as designed, and that they exceed the minimum standards for snow sports. In other words, they dropped heavy objects on the helmets, and they didn't break.
ASTM 2040-02: The US equivalent of the European testing standard, so you know it has solid backing.

Safety Standards: ASTM F-2040-00: Meets the standard specifications of protective headgear for snowsports

Wired Removable Ear Pads: Plug in the music and tune out all social interaction with the world.

Padded Chin Strap: Thin padding under the chin prevents chafing and allows for proper fit of the helmet.

Standard goggle clip: One clip at the back of the helmet to keep the goggle strap seated down and in place. If your goggle adjustment clip is exactly in the middle back of your head, you'll need to offset it slightly to one side.

Faux Leather Ear Pads: The exterior side of the ear pad is a 'pleather' material to add style while protecting the ears from the weather.

Adult Safety Standards Safety standards are different for Adult helmets than Junior helmets. These helmets meet the Adult safety standards. They are made of the same materials as Junior helmets but were submitted only for Adult Standards Review.

Med= 57-58cm
Large= 58-59cm
Xlarge= 60-61cm
XXL= 61-62cm