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Leave the flash for the gapers. Clean, light, and to the point with the easily adjusted fit of our NEW Air Pad™ Fit System plus one-handed vent control to channel excess heat and steam away from your noggin.

Fully removable shield that eliminates the gap between goggle and helmet while remaining windproof and breathable

Rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements.

Customize the level of warmth, padding, and protection desired for helmets, accessories and body shielding with modular padding systems and removal options. When it comes to audio, upgrade any 2010 or 2011 adult RED helmet with REDphones™

Where form, fit, and function become one. This ultra smart technology engineers the entire fit system, helmet shape and mechanics in unison, leading to reduced bulk and weight, a superior fit, and ultimately a better riding experience.

A RED-exclusive. Ultra-light, self-inflating Air Pads contour to the shape of your head for a one-of-a-kind custom fit.

Quick Clip Earpads
Simply snap in place and you’re ready to ride. Improved locking pads add warmth to enhance comfort and easily convert for multi-season use.

Our original design intent: Protection. ASTM 2040 / CE 1077B/CPSC

  • ASTM 2040 and CE 1077B Certified tf_protection_other_02, tb_protection_other_02_02
  • Removable Goggle Clip tf_protection_other_45, tb_protection_other_45_01
  • Ultra Lightweight In-Molded Polycarbonate Shell

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