RED Aletta Helmet

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2010 RED Aletta Helmet

Colors: White, Nat Hemp.

Sizes: Medium 57-59 cm

Red Aletta Helmet - Women's: Hemp, dandelions, vines and venus flytraps are just some of the things women love. Other things include kickers, cliffs, and fresh pow. Take care of your noggin’ so you can live to love some more.

* Vents – Red’s Airvanced Ventilation is a rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements.
* Goggle Compatibility – The 1:1 ratio design agenda helps afford a seamless relationship between goggle and helmet for an air tight fit // Red helmets and Anon goggles have been designed and developed together increasing your experience on the snow.
* Adjustability – Adjustable chinstrap
* Other Features – Compatible with Redphones audio accessories // Quick Clip II Earpads simply snap in place and you’re set to go. Improved locking pads add warmth to enhance comfort and easily convert for multi-season use