Oakley Simon Dumont Signature Splice Goggles

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Simon Dumont Signature Series SPLICE SNOW Goggles

Simon Dumont set a world record in 2008 for the highest ski air on a quarterpipe, lunging at the clouds with a vertical launch of 35 feet and leaving bystanders with sore necks and dropped jaws. Everything about this pro freeskieris bigger than life, so it’s no surprise he&rsqup;s part of our Signature Series.

The Griffin Red goggle was inspired by Simon’s illustrations of Simon’s Native American heritage. It comes with your choice of a Fire IRIDIUM® or Persimmon lens. With a permanent coating that balances light transmission, our Fire IRIDIUM lens is designed for bright light. When skies are overcast, Persimmon is a performance essential. Both lens options are formulated to increase visual contrast and boost depth perception.

Check out the SPLICE page to discover all the performance and protection of this premium design, and get this Signature Series collectible while you can.

  • Internal skeletal support system for reduced nasal pressure and maximized airflow
  • Semi-flush lens geometry for improved downward visibility
  • Fast, easy lens changing with interchangeable lens design
  • Balanced fit (with or without helmet) via O MATTER® strap outriggers
  • Maximum peripheral vision with zero obstruction from the outriggers
  • Flexible O MATTER® chassis with quick-change strap attachment
  • Fog elimination of dual vented lenses with F3 anti-fog technology
  • All-day comfort of moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam
  • UV protection of PLUTONITE® lens that filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC
  • Balanced light transmission with IRIDIUM® lens coating (optional)
  • Optimized to fit medium to large faces