Oakley A-Frame White Oakley Text Goggles w/ H.I. Yellow Lens

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Lens fog is a performance killer, so we developed a three-tiered defense. First, we devised surge ports to control airflow. Second, we formulated F-3 Series anti-fog treatment. Third, we engineered a dual lens design to reduce fog with a thermal barrier of trapped air. Then we took all that technology and juiced it with the precision of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®), topping it off with a wish list from the pros: 100% UV filtering, impact protection that meets all ANSI Z87.1 / ASTM F659 standards, durable urethane that stays flexible, and comfortable triple-layer polar fleece foam with moisture wicking. About the only thing you don’t get with the A FRAME® goggles is fog.

* Anti Fog Treated Ballistic Lens
* Plutonite® lens pass ANSI standard Z87.1 for optical clarity, high mass and high velocity impact
* Patented Polaric Ellipsoid™ lens geometry
* 100% protection against UV A, B and harmful blue light
* Triple polar-tech fleece face foam for maximum moisture wicking
* Optically corrected dual lens goggle
* Superior venting to eliminate fogging