Look PX 12 Ti Jib WB Ski Bindings

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2010 Look PX 12 Ti Jib Wide Bindings

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Look PX 12 Jib Ti Wide Ski Bindings (100mm Brake) 2010: Jibtastic runs may not happen every time, and when you do find yourself in the middle of a successful one, you want a binding that won’t get lazy. Lighter and stronger than the Look PX 12 Jib Wide Bindings, the Look PX 12 TI Jib Wide Bindings are a high performance ride for expert freestyle skiers. If you like to ride fatty waist skis, than the Look PX 12 TI Jib Wide Ski Bindings are for you featuring a nice wide brake and lightweight titanium. With the Look PX 12 Jib TI Wide Ski Bindings your big airs will have buttery landings with the 3mm shock absorbers in the toe piece and the shock and vibration absorption in the PX heel piece. And don’t stress about inadvertently popping out – the lateral strength of the heel piece and later arms improvise ski-to-boot connection allowing for limited lateral movement of the boot.

* Construction – Full Drive Toe Piece puts four points of contact on the boot for maximum power transmission and multi-directional release capabilities which aids in the release. The high elastic travel of the PX Heel piece allows for vertical and lateral movements that help to eliminate inadvertent release and offer shock absorption.
* Special Features – 3mm lifter puts you higher up for enhanced control and power ove

PX 12 Ti Jib WB

> Brake Width: 100mm
> Color: Black
> Din: 3.5-12
> Heel ADJ: 45mm
> Heel Height at Brake: 22.4mm
> Toe Height at AFD: 17.2mm

> 3mm Lifter
> AFC Plus AFD
> Full Drive Toe Piece
> PX Heel Base
> PX Heel Piece