Line Prophet 100 Skis 2011

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LINE PROPHET 100 SKIS-2011 Model

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Prophet 100 Video and Description

Award winning, power & quickness
The 100 has the power and stability of a big mountain ski, yet maintains the precision, agility and responsiveness of a carving ski. The result is versatility like no other 100mm width ski in its class, and top awards from product testers around the globe. Thank you for helping to make this the best selling ski in our line.
Lengths: 165, 172, 179, 186
Shape: 134-100-125

Concept: Wide skis are better for riding in soft snow but obviously everyday isn’t a powder day. We set out to create a wide ski that would not only float but also carve the hard pack with the agility normally only found on narrower all-mountain skis.

Art: We set out to find artwork that represented the soulful, yet incredibly natural power of these skis. We went back 133 YEARS and actually purchased an original Japanese rice paper scroll painted by Unzen Hattori in the summer of 1876. We added the LINE logo and it was complete.

Engineering: We created a very unique freeride specific technology that enables a wide ski to perform with the agility, precision and responsiveness of a narrow ski. The Metal Matrix is a Die cut Titanal laminate that places more power where you need it, and reduces weight where you don’t. The result is an incredibly light weight, super agile, quick on your feet carving ski feel on the groomed, while maintaining all of the extreme high speed, big-mtn stability. We also utilized a directional flex, and P-Cut geometry for directional edge to edge precision and comfort that is second to none.

ALL OF OUR TECHONOLOGY is from the future.
We’ve been using the same time machine since 1995 to bring you the innovations that can only be described as one step ahead of the future. Designed for skiers by even smarter skiers, these are the one-of-a-kind technologies that makes skiing more funner and makes you a better skier than you were the day before, every day of the year.
4D Fibercap
4D Fibercap
Fiberglass layered in 4 directions around the ski core
  • Uncompromised strength and responsiveness in every direction
  • 90* sidewall fiberglass reinforcement & durability above edges
Metal Matrix
Metal Matrix
Die cut titanium laminate
  • More power where you need it, reduced weight where you don’t
  • Enhanced edge-grip under foot
  • Enhanced torsional responsiveness at the tips
Maple Macroblock Core
Maple Macroblock Core
100% wood core made from the widest and highest quality maple laminates
  • Lightest, most durable wood core in the Universe
  • Long lasting camber and energy life
Fatty Base & Edge
Fatty Base & Edge
Twice the thickness of standard base and edge
  • Extremely durable & impact resistant
  • Tune your skis many more times
P-Cut Geometry
P-Cut Geometry
5 radius sidecut with the tightest radius in the TIP
  • Effortless turn initiation
  • Predictable, natural turns at any size & speed