Line Afterbang Skis 166cm

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Line Afterbang Skis- 166cm

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Afterbang Skis- Video and Description

This ski gives you the creative performance advantage no other ski can.. It took four years to develop, but only one to become our #1 selling freestyle ski. Why? There’s quite simply nothing else like it. From our bombproof Skate Deck™ construction, to the Butterzones and Carbon Ollieband, it’s jammed full of the most innovative jib specific technologies for a fun, playful, jibtastic good time.
Lengths: 155, 166, 177
Shape: 115-88-115


The art is created by Jimbo Phillips who with his father are responsible for creating skateboarding’s most legendary art since the 1980s. The same guy that created the famous Santa Cruz screaming hand. Each size ski features a different graphic. Mount one backwards and you’ll have lots to entertain yourself with on the chairlift. Jimbo and Jim’s art

The concept came from seeing that as urban & park skiing progresses so does the amount of abuse the product must take. This drove us to look outside of skiing for a new ski construction that better supports and fuels this progression. The undisputed most respected and most durable construction in action sports is the skateboard. We threw out everything we thought we knew about ski construction and started with the sport that also has the greatest influence on this style of skiing.

The engineering took over four year’s of research and development, and a level of secrecy that even the government could be proud of. We threw away the core, the topsheet and the sidewalls, and replaced it all with a 7-ply Maple veneer construction that runs edge to edge, tip to tail. just like a skateboard deck, the Maple provides uncompromised strength and resistance to shock throughout the entire ski. The plys are stacked from bottom to top, each layer progressively shorter in length to create an engineered flex pattern that has enabled us to precisely place the Butterzone closer to your boot for more leverage and control when buttering & pressing. The Carbon Ollieband adds extra pop and just like our other skis, we use our Fatty Base & Edge and a fiberglass laminate on the top and bottom to control torsional responsiveness, camber and flex.

  • 40% less plastic than a cap ski
  • 50% less plastic than a sidewall ski
  • 60% less wood waste

Take a deep breath, think different, ride different, be different, and the world will never be the same. . . for the good of the sport

ALL OF OUR TECHONOLOGY is from the future.

We’ve been using the same time machine since 1995 to bring you the innovations that can only be described as one step ahead of the future. Designed for skiers by even smarter skiers, these are the one-of-a-kind technologies that makes skiing more funner and makes you a better skier than you were the day before, every day of the year.
Butter Zones
Butter Zones
Top veneer layers end at a specific point in front & behind the binding to create a distinct “hinge” point
  • Smooth, controllable nose/tail presses and buttering
  • Doesn’t restrict all-mountain handling
Carbon Ollieband
Carbon Ollieband
Vertically laminated carbon-fiber stringers
  • More energy & pop for big ollies
  • Lighter than fiberglass for reduced weight
  • Some skis have twice da carbon, for twice da pop!
Fatty Base & Edge
Fatty Base & Edge
Twice the thickness of standard base and edge
  • Extremely durable & impact resistant
  • Tune your skis many more times
Wrap Around Edge
Wrap Around Edge
Edge wraps entire tip with no seam
  • Ultimate durability
Center Mount
Center Mount
Center of boot/binding is mounted in exact center of ski length
  • Optimal balanced swing weight
  • Equal tip and tail length for stability & control both directions
Symmetric Flex
Symmetric Flex
Same ski flex in-front and behind your boot
  • Conforms to riding terrain equally, forward or backwards
Symmetric Geometry
Symmetric Geometry
Same ski shape in-front and behind your boot
  • Handles and feels the same riding forward & fakie
Real Twin Tip
Real Twin Tip
Equal Height Tip & Tail
  • Drives through uneven terrain equally when riding forward or backwards
Skate Deck Construction™
Skate Deck Construction™
The most respected construction in action sports
  • Built like a skateboard deck for maximum durability
  • 100% horizontally laminated maple wood veneers
  • No top or sidewall plastic

Maple Wood Veneer Core
6 or 7 Layers of horizontally laminated Maple wood veneers
  • Uncompromised strength & resistance to shock
  • Proven skateboard durability
  • 60% less wood waste than traditional wood cores
  • Looks exactly like a skateboard = most awesomest


  • 5
    #1 park ski

    Posted by Courtney Royce on 13th Dec 2010

    This is my second season on the Afterbangs. I love them! They have held up perfectly. I haven't had a single complaint. I like them all over the mountain, but mostly in the park. They butter nicely and aren't too stiff. They hold up on jumps nicely too. Couldn't ask for a better park ski. I get tons of compliments on the graphics. They are pretty sick. Love these skis.

  • 5
    jib ski of the future

    Posted by bret donnelly on 13th Dec 2010

    these skis take some getting used to, but once you ride them a bit they are so much fun. they have a smooth flex and you can load up the pop to step up to bigger features. great durability as well, making them the ski of choice for any jib-heavy outing.