Liberty Morphic Twintip Skis 2011

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Liberty Morphic Twintip Skis 2011

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New for the 2010-2011 season, the Liberty Morphic is our all-mountain twin designed to be a one-ski quiver. The Morphic is plenty wide for fresh snow, but also is the go-to ski when it hasn’t snowed in a while. It carves firm snow with ease, but has the float and backbone to attack powder, steep technical lines, or even lap the park. The Morhpic is also a favorite with telemark and AT skiers trying to keep the weight down for long skins to steep descents, and who don’t want to sacrifice downhill performance. Featuring the Liberty Bamboo Core, 78 degree sidewalls, a Durathane layer above the sidewalls, ands the burliest edge available, the Morphic will not let you down no matter what the conditions may be.


Radius: 17.0m
Weight: 1675g

Radius: 19.5m
Weight: 1850g
78 Degree Sidewalls
Creates increased edge grip with the UHMW damping from our 78 degree sidewalls. Sidewall construction is tough and affords the best combination of edge-grip and turning ease we have found.

Laminated bamboo gives tremendous rebound and energy while being environmentally friendly.

Our name for a progressive, more centered stance.

A poly-urethane bumper to smooth out the ride and protect against topsheet chipping.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer - We use mats of this dense material under the binding area to increase screw retention and add rigidity.

The new HRC 44 edge has a slightly lower hardness rating with a wider profile and larger anchors to dissipate heat and increase impact resistance.

New co-extruded polyamide material is the best sublimated topsheet available.

Liberty Core
Laminated bamboo and poplar core. We laminate bamboo stringers within the poplar core to create a tough and light core that has incredible energy return and snow feel.

Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leaders.

Our custom weave fiberglass creates tremendous torsional stability while allowing easy longitudinal flex to initiate turns and absorb terrain. While more expensive than other bi and tri- directional weaves, it enables us to fine tune the flex characteristics of each ski.

Rugged and repairable sidewall material with a layer of rubber below for smooth riding and durability. UHMW is tougher than ABS and more difficult to work with, but can be repaired if you manage to gouge a hole in it.


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    Oh my freaking god!

    Posted by Canon Mountain Carl on 14th Oct 2010

    I strapped these on my feet at a ski test and oh my freaking god they were incredible. I can crank an extra 180 out of my tricks because they are so light. And man do they rip on the way to the park. I am mosdef buying these.