Liberty Hazmat Skis 2008

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Liberty Hazmat 2008 Skis

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Our one ski quiver does everything well, from riding powder to the park. With a medium flex and 94mm waist, the Hazmat is our everyday ride here in Colorado because it is so versatile. The Hazmat features a bamboo laminate core, a balanced flex pattern, and a versatile shape for a smooth ride anywhere on the mountain. Limited numbers available with full bamboo sidewalls.


186: 126-94-119



HRC 48 Edges - Our new specially treated 2.2mm 48s are fatter and tougher for durability on rails and landing big airs. Dull them before a rail session or you will be on your face.


Cab Forward Stance - Our name for a progressive, more centered stance needed for spinning moves and riding switch.


78 degree Sidewalls - Increase edge grip with UHMW damping or bamboo pop from our 78 degree sidewalls. Sidewall construction is tough and affords the best combination of edge-grip and turning ease we have found.


FRP - Fiber Reinforced Polymer – We use mats of this dense material under the binding area to increase screw retention and add rigidity.


Bamboo - Innovative use of laminated bamboo gives tremendous rebound and energy to our skis while being environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. With tensile strength equal to that of steel and super light weight, our hand selected bamboo is the best core material out there. For even more bamboo pop, limited editions are available with distinctive looking full bamboo sidewalls.


UHMW sidewalls - Rugged and repairable sidewall materials with a layer of rubber above and below for smooth riding and durability. UHMW is tougher than ABS and more difficult to work with, but can be repaired if you manage to gouge a hole in it.


P-Tex 2000 - Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leaders – IMS.


Duraclear Topsheet - Our topsheet
is tough and clear, so you can still see the
artwork after wrecking.


Liberty Core - Laminated Bamboo and Poplar core.We laminate 3 bamboo stringers within the poplar core to create a tough and light core that has incredible energy return and snow feel.This core will flex enough to ollie or butter with ease, yet has enough backbone to stomp landings orride at high speed.