Liberty Freeride 614 Ski Bindings

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Liberty Freeride Series Binding

Here at Liberty we take great pride in manufacturing the finest skis available, but we have been missing a reliable binding partner until now. Liberty has been testing VIST bindings for the past 5 years and has taken the next step in our partnership with the high end binding manufacturer. Featuring trademark sleek Italian design and precision, the new Liberty bindings are light, strong, and reliable, just like our skis. Featuring all metal internal workings, dual spring-3D retention with high elasticity, optional vertical block to prevent unwanted upward release at the toe, auto toe height, low ramp angle, and a positive lock step-in, these bindings will hold you in and keep you safe.

  • Liberty Freeride 614:

  • DIN: 6-14
  • Brake Width: Stocked with 95 mm
  • Colors: Flat Black, Semi-Translucent
  • Features and Tech Specs:

  • TSC: Twin Spring Control
  • ASA: Auto Sole Adjustment
  • 4 RSS: 4 Roller Safety System
  • SSI: Solid Step In
  • Stand Height-Toe: 13.5mm
  • Stand Height-Heel: 18.5mm
  • Weight in grams for ½ pair:
  • Liberty Freeride 614: 1220 grams
  • Accessories:

  • XL Brake: 95-122 mm  - $25 extra
  • XXL Brake: 122–150 mm - $25 extra