K2 Rant Pro White Collage Helmet

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The Rant is a unique helmet that showcases a minimalist, skate-utility design. 2010-11 Rant Pro models include a Bandana Face Shield that affixes to the Rant’s earpads for easy attach-and-go riding. This helmet fits lower, includes a low-profile brim, and can be modified to fit your style. The K2 Rant helmet offers a distinctive blend of function and style that has yet to be matched.

Sizes: Small 51-55cm, Med 55-59cm, Large 58-61cm
Construction: ABS Hard shell/EPS Liner
Weight: 460g
Binding Options: Black Neon, Trucker, Reverse Denim, Black Sparkle, White Collage

Passive Channel Venting™, Rugged ABS shell construction, new removable Bandana face shield designed for style and protection, Baseline Audio System Included on Pro Models, Washable Head Liner.

Baseline Audio
The Baseline Audio speaker system brings music to your head and comes standard in every pro-model helmet! The speakers come pre-installed in our exclusive Baseline Audio Pocket on all designated K2 helmets. No need to worry about compatibility or buying a separate accessory that’s out of inventory just when you want it. The speaker housing is designed for minimal, low-profile stowage so you won’t notice it unless the music is playing. If you would rather ride without music it is removable by simply opening the Audio Pocket in each ear pad and slipping out the speakers. To use it Again, simply slide the speakers back into the pocket and secure the Velcro. Included FREE on all pro K2 helmets: glove-friendly volume control minimal, low-profile stowage in helmet, durable ABS housing design can be easily removed or reinstalled; generous speaker-wire length for stowage of music player in jacket or pants pocket

Hard Shell Construction
The standard for a tough, reliable helmet, the Hard Shell construction is characterized by an ABS shell bonded to an EPS liner. The lightweight EPS Liner forms the inner layer of the Hard Shell and is constructed from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads. Cradling the EPS liner is the acrylonitrilebutadiene-copolymer ABS injection-molded “Hard” Shell that protects the EPS from dings and nicks.

Universal Fit Shape
Not everyone has the same head shape, but we’ve got you covered with our Universal Fit Shape. Over the last year, we’ve worked tirelessly to create the most comfortable and stable fit between oval and round head shapes; the result is the next evolution in fit without compromise to comfort and overall aesthetics. Our revolutionary Universal Fit Shape combined with the K2dialed Fit System is designed to fit your unique shape so you feel an ergonomically seamless and comfortable fit regardless of your head shape.

Continuous Underlayer
A full-coverage, washable liner that breathes where you need it to while snugly cradling your head for a secure and comfortable fit on every K2 helmet. On helmets that come with our K2dialed Fit System and K2 Baseline Audio, the Continuous Underlayer is seamlessly integrated with these systems for the ultimate experience. You don’t wear boots without socks, so why would you wear a helmet without a liner?

Passive Channel Venting
The EPS liner is perforated with chimney and channel venting. The channels interconnect with the chimney vents to move air from your head to exhaust vents out the back. The result is a clean, vent-free look that offers effective symmetric ventilation around your entire head.

All of our helmets are compliant with ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077:2007 ski and snowboard helmet standards for safety. ASTM F2040: The North American ski and snowboard helmet standard of performance EN1077:2007: The European ski and snowboard helmet standard of performance

Size Chart
Small= 51-55cm
Med= 55-59cm
L/XL= 59-62cm