Fuzion Spencer Hawk H4 Scooter

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2010 Fuzion Spencer Hawk H4 Scooter

When it comes to action sports nobody flies higher or faster than a Hawk. Built for and approved by Spencer Hawk, the Fuzion Spencer Hawk H4 delivers the ultimate next generation scooter. No stranger to the extreme, 4 cast urethane performance wheels and patented Fuzion steering technology lets Spencer shred the park with Tony as the H4 sets the bar with its ground slicing, road hugging, carving abilities. Integrated pro rubber grips, 360° rotation and a floating axle design help create maximum trick potential for athletes of any caliber. With the Spencer Hawk H4, when it comes to performance- it all runs in the family.

Product Features

* Floating Axle Design with Pro Grips
* Gives 360-degree rotation
* Cast urethane wheels in aluminum frame