Atomic Punx Skis 2011

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Atomic Punx Twin Tip Skis 2011

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The Punx proves the rule if it's not broken don't fix it. With an unchanged shape this symmetrical twin is back. The preferred park ski of Andreas Hatveit and Jossi Wells, the Punx is meant for all around park slaying. With a true center mounting point in mind the Punx is just as happy riding switch as regular. This means the skier will have perfectly balanced swing weight for massive 450's onto rail as well as the stability to put down cork 900's. A full tip to tail wood core combined with slant side walls increase durability for everything from smashing rails to casing jumps, while keeping weight down. Super stable from in-run to landings the Punx is solid from rails to half pipe.

108.5/82/108.5 (@ 164cm)

Turn Radius
19m (@ 164cm)

Construction Type
Slant Sidewall Torsion Box Construction

Core Material
Full Wood Core