Armada Riot Gloves

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Ltd. Leather
Imported from Japan, this leather-like most things from that country-features incredible efficiency (of warmth, in this case) in a small package.

Hipora Insert
Three layers ensure our HIPORA inserts achieve maximum warmth and breathability. The first layer features micropores just 0.5 in diameter to block water penetration. This lies atop a honeycomb structured layer that allows moisture from the skin to release through a dense third layer that keeps it from absorbing back toward the skin.

Thinsulate™ Insulation 70g
An industry insulation standard because its unique microfibers are ten times smaller than other synthetic insulations. It’s incredibly efficient at trapping warmth, breathable, moisture resistant, and washable.

Lazy Fingers Tech
Your hands are not straight, so your gloves shouldn’t be either. Lazy Fingers is an ergonomic construction that fits the natural curve of the hand for added comfort.

Microfleece Liner
Microfleece creates warmth and wicks moisture away from the skin.

Padded Knuckle and Handback