Airblaster Pro Am Goggles

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Airblaster Pro Am Goggles

Airblaster Goggles are the most comfortable, most fog-resistant goggle that you have ever worn. Once you ride an Air Goggle, you will never go back!

Widescreen Vision: Our frame shape is wide, but rides close to your face, resulting in the widest field of vision of any goggle we have ever tried. Try them on and you will see. Literally.

Ventilation: Around the frame, and on the front of the lens, Air Goggles have maximum ventilation. Ventilation means air circulation. Air circulation means that sweaty air can escape before it turns your goggles into foggles. More ventilation and air circulation means for-free vision for you.

MILF Technology: Airblaster’s Moisture Impermeable Lens Function means that you have technology on your side in the battle against fog. That little circular membrane on the inside of the lens makes your life better. It works its magic by allowing air to pass in and out of the sealed space between your lenses, while keeping moisture out! Result: no water between the lens, and no foggles!

The ProAm series was designed for the riders by the riders. Each model is a personal pick by some of Airblasters top athletes such as, Tim Eddy, Jonas Carlson, Jonas Michilot, Ben Lynch, Eric Messier and Johnny Miller. Each custom design makes something for everyone. Standard in this years ProAm goggles is a Grey Baker lens(not shown in image above). The Baker lens is the most indestructible lens on the market today in our eyes. It will take abuse and keep on ticking clear as day. Do not believe us try it for yourself!