Premier Snowskates Collage

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Premier Snowskates - Collage Deck
36inch Glass Filled Nylon with Royal Blue base

Premier Snow Skate Vid from Premier SnowSkates on Vimeo.

Premier Collage Snowskate 2011: Winter has descended upon the world and sidewalks are snow- and ice-covered. The skateboard just isn't going to work once the cold season comes in. Why should that stop you from bustin' a wicked Ollie? With a Premier Collage Snowskate you can ride like a skateboard in the snow on this 36 inch, glass filled nylon royal blue base board. Grab a few friends and prove that you don't need a blue sky summer day to show your tricks at the park. From Premier, the original and authentic snowskating company, there's nothing quite like taking the Collage Snowskate out after a good snowfall.