Palmer P03 Skis 2010

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2010 Palmer P03 Skis

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Spread your wings: Featuring the FLF True Twin Tip Shape with limited edition art by Daniel Andersson, the new P03 is a specialty ski created for superb park and pipe performance. The FLF Shape allows for more stability when taking on any transition or kicker. Mellow enough for pressing battleship rails and solid enough for slaying bulletproof slopestyle courses. The graffiti style art makes its own statement as well.

Rider: Unlike many ‘park and pipe’ skis, the P03 has a very wide range of performance and surfaces types it likes. Very fun and sporty.

• FLF True Twin shape design: FLF (Feels Like Flying) is the optimized interaction between the sidecut and the nose and tail surfaces. Klothoid represents the numerous radii (circles) that define the sidecut, and FLF extends these radii into the nose and tail kick. In practical terms this means more control and effortless handling, thanks to an optimized edge grip. FLF pushes edge-hold, stability and acceleration to a new standard of handling and safety.
• NCF Prepreg: Prepreg adds the perfect amount of glue exactly where it is needed and not a drop more. It ensures durability, long life, and consistency in flex and ride. Where other manufacturers use wet lamination to save money, Palmer maintains its commitment to quality by using prepreg in all boards. Prepreg allows us to deliver a finer product, helps maintain a safer workplace for our employees and minimizes our impact on the environment.
• Beech/Poplar sandwich construction: Vertically laminated beech/poplar woodcores for high strength, low weight and optimal flexures properties.
• Laminated cyan sidewalls: Full sidewall that’s easy to fix
• Race structured 7200 graphite base: The inlaid 7200 graphite bases have computer-controlled stone ground or structured finishes and are super fast
• Art by Daniel Andersson (Sweden)
• Sizes:
171: Radius 17.7m, Waist 85mm,
179: Radius 18.2m, Waist 87mm