Nordica Ignition Skis

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Nordica Ignition Skis 2009

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Created for experts who focus on the park and pipe, the Nordica Ignition is the ideal twin-tip trick ski for progressive skiing styles. The 84-mm. waist gives you some degree of floatation for untracked stuff, but this ski really performs best on hardpack and sculpted terrain park monstrosities. Unlike other Nordica skis, the Ignition is durably reinforced with a tough wood core laminate sidewall construction that's essential for rail slides and other abuse. The Ignition's wood core is lighter than other designs to improve the swing weight for aerial tricks. If you're looking for a similar twin-tip ski for backcountry exploits, take a few moments to check out the new Nordica Zero Ski.

*Sizes:163cm, 170cm, 177cm. * A tough and incredibly agile twin-tip ski for experts who tend to stick to the pip and park all day * Sidecut dimensions (tip/waist/tail in mm.): 122/84/112 * Turn radius for 163-cm. length ski (in m.): 16 m. * Turn radius for 170-cm. length ski (in m.): 17 m. * Turn radius for 177-cm. length ski (in m.): 18 m. * Nordica Energy Frame CA construction * Wood core * Sintered graphite UHMW Electra Gallium base
Warning: These skis have an explicit graphic on the top sheet. Parental Approval Recommended