Nordica Ace of Spades Ski Boot 2012

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Nordica Ace of Spades Ski Boots

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Created by the Nordica Pro Team to have the highest level of performance. Dual-Fold tongue design provides progressive flex, making the boot easy and reactive at first then progressive to stiff to support hard landings. Full Shock Eraser technology provides the necessary dampening while never effecting the performance. New ergonomically designed buckle closure system provides optimal surface area and solid leverage to insure the best possible wrapping of the foot. Flex:110-130 100mm last width

Boot Specs

Last Shape: 101 mm

Flex Index: up to 130 progressive

Size Range: 24.0-29.5

Material: PU Ether

Easy-Entry: Tongue

Extra-Grip: High Traction Rubber

Shell Type: PFP Performance Fit FSE (lightweight)

Buckle Material: ALU

Macro-Adjust: 2 positions - screwed

Rear Spoiler: Quick Set FSE