Monument Surface 2 Air 2 Snowboard 2011

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What makes this deck stand out? It's our only model in our line up that is a twin tip with the Terra Walls (E.S.P). The lighter core (E.S.P. II) is a step up from the Surface2Air I deck and the Terra Walls adds more pop; the bamboo sidewalls along with the bamboo laminates in the core (E.S.P. II) helps keep the flex of the deck longer because of the natural bamboo properties.

We couldn't leave out a twin tip without the Terra Walls , and the Surface2Air II is the only line to have it. The Terra Walls (E.S.P) and E.S.P II core combination equals to one of the most fun decks you'll ever ride.

ARTWORK BY Daniel Jackson

MNMNT Snowboards provides several different cores amongst our different lines. We use several different types of wood including our Terra Walls aka Bamboo Sidewalls and Bamboo laminates in our cores. Our boards are known for their flex/snap/pop, their weight, and very high manufacturing and product quality.


Our proven TTX glass configuration provides superior response for unparalleled control. The stitched weave method utilized ensures maximum benefits will be achieved as glass fibers are kept taught and straight (not bent and woven like you would find in cotton shirt).


The existing core types for the 2010-2011 are below:

The E.S.P. I Core has been developed using one species of pure poplar wood that has proven flex, naturally  strong, lightweight, durability and pop characteristics.  This core is our all around core for our entry level boards.

Our most popular core, The E.S.P. II uses a mix of bamboo and poplar to  optimize strength, reduce weight and enhance dampening  with out having to use additional materials. This core is a snappy core that will enhance the liveliness and ride of your board. The bamboo laminates help maintain the pop in the board longer than the average poplar core.

The E.S.P. III core uses virtually every element of our core. A mix of Bamboo, X-Wood and Poplar, with a great percentage of X-wood this core was engineered maintain durability with minimal weight and added pop.

The E.S.P. ULTRA is exclusively used on our Memento Mori, and has been uniquely engineered to maximize the use of our lightweight X-wood, combined with Basalt Fiber Triaxial Glass making it our most technologically lightweight and super strong core in our line.