Moment Frankenski Ski 2014

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Moment Frankenski Ski 2014
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The park and urban environment deals out cracked edges and blown sidewalls on a daily basis, not to mention injuries caused by catching rail burrs and wood splinters. The Frankenski is the answer to this dilemma. By countersinking the steel edge into the sidewall and applying our sintered Durasurf 4001 material across the entire base, we have created a ski that absorbs hard impacts and slides over imperfect surfaces without catching, yet still offers surprisingly functional turn control on the snow. Our riders have tested it and given it the thumbs-up across the board. If you want smoother sliding, fewer busted edges, and increased confidence on rails, boxes, and wall rides, the Frankenski is your invitation to the monster mash.


Rocker Type

  • Dirty Mustache Rocker-Rocker at the tip and tail, low center camber, and two sections of micro-camber embedded in front of and behind the binding. Rocker and low camber let the ski surf and slash in powder, while the micro-camber sections create focused edge pressure for carving


Flex Rating 5 (1 Softest - 10 Stiffest) - A medium flex for a super playful yet stable ski. Great for park skiing.


  • Carbon Fiber-Moment uses carbon fiber in all of its skis, either in the form of woven uni-directional stringers or carbon tow threads added to the laminate matrix. Lighter than fiberglass, metal, or basalt, carbon helps tune and strengthen the ski while adding longevity to the flex profile.
  • Fiberglass Matrix-In addition to carbon fiber, Moment uses three types of fiberglass laminates to fine-tune each ski's flex pattern. Triaxial glass adds twisting strength and longitudinal stiffness. Biaxial weaves add torsional stiffness. Unidirectional glass helps absorb vibration and stiffen the ski from tip to tail.


  • Sublimated Graphics-A non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to silk screening.


  • UHMW Polyethylene-An extruded Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: it is extremely light, durable, and resistant to separation.


  • 1.2 mm Durasurf 4001 Sintered-This U.S.-made base material takes a beating while staying fast. It is harder and has better wax-absorbtion properties than extruded bases, making it the industry standard for performance and longevity.


  • 2.2 mm Rockwell 48 C Hardened Steel-Heat-treated both at the source and in-house at Moment, these edges are extremely hard and ductile, ensuring you get the most life out of your skis.
  • Countersunk Edges-The edges are countersunk into the ski's sidewall, and the base material is applied across the entire ski. This absorbs hard impacts and slides over imperfect surfaces without catching, while still offering surprisingly functional turn control on hard snow.


Size (cm) 168 178
Tip Width (mm)  114  114
Waist Width (mm)  92  92
Tail Width (mm)  114  114
Turning Radius (m)  18.5  21


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    Pandas love bamboo!

    Posted by Panda6ear on 22nd Nov 2013

    And so do I! It I feel like it is the best core you can get. It is sot playful and has a strong backbone to it.