Marker The Squire 11 Ski Bindings 2012

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Marker Squire Ski Bindings 2012

Marker's 2012 Squire Binding suits the skier who wants a light weight, versatile freeskiing binding that offers powerful energy transmission. Poised to take its place among the other Royal Family members, the Squire is an innovative addition to the market for mid range freeskiing bindings. The lightest binding of its kind, the Squire is built on a 76mm minimum ski width platform and features the new Triple Pivot Compact Toe and Hollow Linkage Heel. The adjustable toe height allows precise adjustment to any boot lug. Marker's freeride brake technology ensures optimum durability and clearance for switch riding. Optional brake sizes 90mm, 110mm and 130mm.

NOTE: Bindings with the 130mm brake are $10.00 more!!


  • Din Range: 3-11
  • Recommended Skier Weight: 65-240 lbs
  • Stand Height w/o ski: 22mm
  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Compact
  • Toe Height Adjustability
  • Freeride Brake
  • No-pull-out Screws