Marker The Duke 16 Ski Bindings 2012

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Marker Duke Ski Bindings 2012

Marker's 2012 Duke Bindings come with the Power Width Design for maximum power transmission, The "Easy Releasable Climbing Aid" feature which has now gone to the new Tuouring style lever for eaiser use. Low, neutral stand height and the shortest frame of all AT models in the market. It has a wider interface than traditional bindings (not built around the historic 63mm SL ski like conventional bindings), and the connecting brackets are strategically placed for more power to the edge. The Binding weighs in at 5lbs 15oz, but with a DIN of 16 you will have one bomber of a Freeride AT Binding in the Marker Duke. Optional brake sizes 90mm 110mm or 130mm Brake.


  • Din Range: 6-16
  • Recommended Skier Weight: 130 lbs +
  • Stand Height w/o ski: 34mm
  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite
  • Magnesium Components
  • No-pull-out screws
  • Integrated climbing aid
  • Boot Sole Lengths: Small 265-325mm
  • Boot Sole Lengths: Large 305-365mm

    NOTE: Bindings with a 130mm brake are $10.00 more!!

"For skinning they work very well and after becoming familiar with adjusting the climbing bracket and the fact you have to remove the ski to change from locked to free-heel, it is also an advantage to have the binding move back when in free-heel mode especially in soft snow and kick turns. The Mantra or Gotama is a perfect combo for the backcountry access and designed with big mountain skiers in mind. Needless to say I like them!!!!"