Look PX 12 Medium Ski Bindings 2012

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Look PX 12 Medium Ski Bindings 2012- Color Neutral

The PX 12 Med is a high-performance binding and comes with a 90mm brake perfect for mid-fat skis. The reinforced Full Drive toepiece has 180?? multi-directional release with high vertical and lateral elastic travel to provide shock absorption, reducing inadvertent release. The composite lateral arms of the PX heel piece are angled down for strong power transmission to the edge of the ski. With 25mm of elastic travel; the heelpiece provides the longest travel of any binding on the market and further prevents unwanted pre-release. The PX 12 Med is a high performance binding with a 3.5-12 DIN range for all-mountain skiers. Brake Fits Perfect from 80-90mm Waist Skis.

DIN 3.5/12
Toe piece Full Drive
Glider AFC Plus
Heel piece PX
Height interface PX
Heel vertical elasticity 45 mm
Brake 3P medium / 80-90 mm
Length ajustment PX