Look PX 12 Jib Ski Bindings 2011

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2011 Look PX 12 Jib Bindings- 3 brake sizes to choose from- see above

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Look PX 12 Jib Medium Ski Bindings (3 Brake sizes available) 2011: If you need some exhilaration on the hill, and just aren’t feeling it because your current bindings won’t let you tear up the mountain like you thought they would- get your fix with the Look PX 12 Jib Ski Bindings. This wooly mammoth of a binding gives you a 3mm shock absorbing platform so you can go crazy big without actually going crazy because of too high of a DIN setting. Dial down those moves you’ve been working on in minutes with these impact-friendly gods of the binding world.

  • Construction – PX heel features angled lateral arms that apply greater pressure to the edge of the ski creating more power directly from the skier to the ski. // 25mm of elastic travel, the longest travel of any binding on the market, preventing unwanted pre-releasing so that your ski will stay on when you want it to // Full Drive Toe: Four points of contact on the boot for maximum power transmission, 180 degree multi-directional release capabilities which aid in release, High elastic travel for vertical and lateral movements help to eliminate inadvertent release and offer shock absorption, AFD reduces friction in a release.
  • Recommended Use – The perfect bindings for All-mountain and Freeride skis.

    We offer 3 brake width to choose from depending on your skis width underfoot. 90mm, 100mm 120mm
    The 120 Brake width price is $279.95