Look Pivot 14 Chrome Ski Bindings 2014

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Look Pivot 14 Chrome Ski Bindings 2014

The award-winning Pivot is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. The Pivot 14 is an elite-level high-performance freeride binding with an 5-14 DIN range and 63-72mm brake. The reinforced Full Drive toepiece combined with the classic Pivot "turntable" heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and the longest elastic travel on the market to provide more reliable retention and consistent release. The Pivot 14 is designed for aggressive freeskiers and can be mounted on skis up to 72mm underfoot.

Special Features

  • High elastic travel provides shock absorption, reduces inadvertent release, and allows you to set bindings at lower release values

Toe Piece Features

  • Full Drive toe
  • Reinforced housing increases binding integrity
  • Wide mounting zone for better contact with wide skis
  • Four points of contact with the boot provide maximum power transmission
  • 45mm lateral travel
  • 180 degree multi-directional release capabilities aid release

Heel Piece Features

  • Pivot heel
  • Short Mounting zone provides deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flexing, turning, floating and smearing
  • 3 points of contact firmly hold the boot
  • Heel piece rotates with the boot directly under the tibia
  • 25mm of elastic travel, the longest travel of any binding on the market, reduces unwanted pre-releasing