Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty Skis 2014

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Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty Skis 2014
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We suggest purchasing the Marker Griffon Bindings with this ski.

The binding is not included in the price you see above, if you would like to purchase the bindings, please follow the link below.

Click here to check out the Marker Griffon Bindings and purchase them.

*Please note that any binding will work with this ski, but we do recommend this one.

If you want our technician's to mount the bindings for you, just make sure to include the mounting in your order. Click here to fill out the information needed for our technician's to do so.

"The same technology for skiing powder as the ski I ride, but sized and priced for kids. The future of our sport is going to be riding this ski." -Eric Pollard

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Terrain: All Mountain

Ability Level: Advanced-Expert


early-rise.jpg The rise in the tip starts earlier for effortlessly staying on top of the snow without needing to sit back and easier turn initiation.

               earlyrise.jpg    Video

symmetric-flex.jpg The same flex pattern in front and behind your boot conforms to terrain equally riding forward and backwards.

                 flexsymmetric.jpg  Video

aspen-macroblock-core.jpg 100% Aspen for the lightest, most nimble feel.

                  microblockaspen.jpg   Video

fattybaseandedge.jpg 30% thicker base and edge (2mm X 2.5mm high) edge and 1.7mm thick base high dramatically increases durability and tuning life.


fivecut.jpg 5 different sizes of sidecut radius shapes are blended into one, for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes.

                 5cut.jpg   Video

4d-fibercap.jpg 4 directions of fiberglass reinforcement around the core for durability and a super light and responsive feel.

early-taper.jpg The widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduce tail drap and hooking in powder.

                    earlytaper.jpg    Video

  • Waist width mm: 107
  • Length cm: 155, 165
  • Shape mm: 133-107-129
  • Sidecut m: 14m
  • Stance mm: -30
  • Profile mm: 6-1-6
  • Turning Radius: Short

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