Line Prophet 115 Skis 2011

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LINE PROPHET 115 SKIS- 2011 Model

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Prophet 115 Video and Description

Floats like a pow ski, rips like a carving ski
As the sport progresses, so do people’s appreciation for wider skis. So here’s more of what you already love in a 115mm width with Early Rise. Time to re-program your expectations for what a wide ski can do for you…Dejavu?
Lengths: 172, 179, 186
Shape: 153-115-142

Early Rise
Early Rise
Tip rise starts earlier
  • Tips effortlessly rise out of powder & stay on top
  • No reverse camber for reliable handling on groomed terrain
Metal Matrix
Metal Matrix
Die cut titanium laminate
  • More power where you need it, reduced weight where you don’t
  • Enhanced edge-grip under foot
  • Enhanced torsional responsiveness at the tips
ABS sidewall construction
  • Isolates vibrations for damp feel
  • Dude… it looks cool
Maple Macroblock Core
Maple Macroblock Core
100% wood core made from the widest and highest quality maple laminates
  • Lightest, most durable wood core in the Universe
  • Long lasting camber and energy life
Fatty Base & Edge
Fatty Base & Edge
Twice the thickness of standard base and edge
  • Extremely durable & impact resistant
  • Tune your skis many more times
P-Cut Geometry
P-Cut Geometry
5 radius sidecut with the tightest radius in the TIP
  • Effortless turn initiation
  • Predictable, natural turns at any size & speed