Line Eric Pollard- EP Pro Skis 185cm

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LINE EP PRO SKIS-185cm- 2011 model

Comes with a FREE ski DVD movie and FREE USA Shipping, we also mount binding for free

EP Pro Description and Video

This is Eric’s, and the world’s fattest, most progressive freestyle specific powder ski, used for making the previously impossible tricks, now possible in the pow.
Length: 185
Shape: 153-127-150


Like no other skier in the world, Eric creates every aspect of his skiing experience from his ski’s one-of-a-kind dimensions, to the unique flex pattern, innovative technologies and even the graphics. He then rides these works of art like no other skier can, documenting every switch pow slash with his film company aka crew of friends, Nimbus Independent. This is Eric’s world, and these are the skis that empower him.

The art on this year's Pro I wanted to make simple, but colorful with highlighting brush strokes. The mountains and rising sun are recurring themes in a lot of my art, but this is the first time I have brought them all together in one graphic.

The concept came from my need for a ski that makes skiing backwards in powder easy. I find the most challenging aspect of skiing backwards in powder is digging your tails in and going over the bars.

The engineering came from a culmination of four years worth of proto type powder skis. We tested tons of different variations in length, width, tip height, shape, tip shape, early rise, early taper and flex. I went as far as to have Line send me skis with big rectangle tips and then used a jig saw the continually modify the shape. I also built cardboard models of the ski to get a better idea 3 dimensionally of different early rise variations. The early rise combined with the tip height, mounting point, symmetrical flex pattern and early taper in both tip and tail eliminate all risk of going over the bars. It is the best ski I have ever designed.

Check out the Nimbus Webisodes to get a better idea of the way these skis were designed to be ridden.

ALL OF OUR TECHONOLOGY is from the future.
We’ve been using the same time machine since 1995 to bring you the innovations that can only be described as one step ahead of the future. Designed for skiers by even smarter skiers, these are the one-of-a-kind technologies that makes skiing more funner and makes you a better skier than you were the day before, every day of the year.



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    My favorite powder skis in the world!!!

    Posted by Jason Graves on 11th Dec 2010

    The EP PROS are most definitely my choice skis for the backcountry, and my favorite to this date! They are super wide underfoot to keep you floating on top of the deepest of deep! They also have the early rise, which make throwing park tricks in the powder, and actually landing them, possible. They are the BEST powder skis I have ever owned!