Having started out decades ago handcrafting pairs of skis one at a time in a garage, the Line brand has come a long way. Now a leading designer and manufacturer, they serve quality products to winter sports enthusiasts around the world every year.

When you choose Line women’s skis, you are participating in a legacy of innovation and performance, the likes of which has become famous throughout the skiing community. Not only are they at the forefront of ski technology, but their unique designs and styles are also sure to turn heads and cause you to fall in love again every day.

Shop for a pair of Line women’s skis that will suit your experience level and needs the best. As an innovator of twin tip technology, Line has been at the front of ski design for years. Always employing the latest designs, they have helped skis evolve from generic long, stiff wooden models to a variety of designs that will suit different people. Higher surface area models with early rise tips, such as the Pandora, will suit skiers that frequent powder snow areas, helping them get more control and agility in any conditions. Lightweight models like the Soulmate are perfect for competitive spirits looking for more power and speed everywhere from the resort to the rugged mountain. With a variety of materials and designs, Line provides many options that will help you find the perfect match for your skills and personality.

Designed specifically to suit a woman’s frame, you are in good hands when you go with Line women’s skis. Find a pair that will conform to your body, so you feel natural and comfortable on every slope. Whether you are looking to simply have a good time or show up the boys on the mountain, Line has a great selection of skis that will help you grow and progress as a skier. As a proud distributor of this remarkable brand, we will have the perfect pair waiting for you. From beginners to professionals, we have you covered!

A frequent choice for skiers competing in professional races such as the Winter X Games, you know you are in good hands when you choose Line. Rest easy knowing you are using the latest technology and design for the smoothest, most fun ride possible. We have the latest 2016 models to help you stay up to date on the best designs in the business. If you need to be more economical, check out our most popular and best models from years past so that you can get started on a more enjoyable experience without spending a fortune!

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