Directions & Road Conditions

Big Bear Directions, Road Conditions & Chain Requirements

There are 3 Routes to GetBoards in Big Bear, choose an option below to see Highway Patrol/CalTrans road updates.
Hwy 330, Hwy 38, Hwy 18

Mountain Highways
CalTrans Road Conditions

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Route 1: Hwy 330 / Hwy 18 – Running  Springs

The shortest and quickest way for visitors coming from Los Angeles, Orange County, and other points west is Hwy 330 / Hwy 18.   

Route 2: Hwy 38 - Redlands

Though the drive on this route takes a little bit longer, it is typically much less congested than Hwy 330 / Hwy 18.  

Route 3: Hwy 18 – Lucerne Valley

Hwy 18 is the quickest way to/from Barstow, Las Vegas, and other high desert locations.  This route has the least amount of mountain driving.