K2 Press Skis 2013

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K2 Press Skis 2013

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The new Press is fully re-engineered for 2012/13 and remains the best value twintip ski around. Built with a strong wood core, a super low swing weight and K2’s Jib Rocker, you will experience a snappy pop off the lip, spin without hucking, and never worry about hooking your edges during switchups. This combination of performance, forgiveness and durability all at a modest price point can only be found on the Press.


Sizes: 149, 159, 169, 179
Dimensions: 113/85/104
Binding Options: No Binding
Performance: All-Mountain: 40%, Park: 60%
Radius: 23m @ 179
Construction: Triaxial Braided Cap, Aspen Core
Features: Tip and Tail Hardware, Park Flex Pattern, SwapBase, True Twin Tip


Jib Rocker

ROCKER: Easy initiation, versatility, agility
CAMBER: Control, edge hold, rebound

Featuring an elevated tip and tail with zero camber underfoot, Jib Rocker offers the best blend of playfulness for butters and surface tricks combined with enhanced pop for unmatched ollie power. Simply put, Jib Rocker is designed for ollies, butters, and predictable pop.

Jib Profile


Tip and Tail Holes

Holes in the tip and tail are not only the attachments points for K2 skins, but they also fit the functional needs of a backcountry skier including the ability to build a rescue sled or construct various ski anchors. The holes are equipped with removable plugs.

Tip and Tail Holes