K2 Luv 75 Women's Skis + ER3 Bindings 2016

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K2 Luv 75 Women's Skis + ER3 Bindings 2016

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As the most forgiving, easy-to-maneuver women’s ski in the collection, the K2 Luv 75 features softly rounded tips and tails with a Catch Free Rocker profile to encourage every turn from the point of initiation all the way through the release. The lightweight construction and thinner profile keeps skier legs fresh and ready to take on more runs throughout the day.


All Terrain Rocker– All-Terrain Rocker features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge-hold in firmer conditions. Simply put, All-Terrain Rocker offers versatility and ease in all snow conditions.

Cap Construction-Durable and lightweight “cap” skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Used throughout our ski line, cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis’ performance.

Composite-A full composite construction created using a patented shaft production process. This unique process aligns all fibers in an orientation of optimal strength and duability.

Konic Technology- Revolutionary core design that redistributes weight to the ski's perimeter providing power, strength and stability directly over the edge for performance, while reducing swing-weight from the center and extremities for added ease and control.

K2/Marker M2 System- Marker M2 10- This system binding is integrated directly into the K2 Konic 75. These bindings are designed to minimize fatigue by providing a leverage advantage.

Size Chart

100+ LBS            4'6"+           134+                 124+
110+ LBS            4'9"+           146+                 136+
120+            5'0"+           159+                 149+
130+ LBS            5'3"+           166+                 156+
140+ LBS            5'6"+           170+                 160+
150+            5'9"+           177+                 167+
170+ LBS            6'0"+           184+                 174+
190+ LBS            6'2"+           191+                 181+