K2 Hyak Kit 2013

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K2 Hyak Kit 2013

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A functional pack, shovel, and probe are prerequisites for exploring beyond resort boundaries. We've assembled these items into lightweight reliable kits that will give you the tools necessary to safely explore the back country. Designed as a system, removal and deployment of the shovel and probe is quick, minimizing response time during an emergency.

Hyak Pack Features

  • 15 liter capacity
  • Ergonomic vented back panel 
  • Insulated hydration sleeve
  • The carry system allows for attaching skis in either the A-frame or diagonal position
  • Snowboard compatible

Carbon Probe 230 Features

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Trigger Pull Handle allows rapid probe deployment
  • Grooved handle holds the loose sections of your probe together when it’s in your pack
  • Backslide Auto-Lock is secure and allows easy assembly/disassembly with gloves on
  • 230 cm length for lightness and packability with 1 cm markings on shaft of probe to ensure accuracy in depth observations

Speed Shovel Features

  • Lightweight 7075 Aluminum alloy
  • Webbing holes in the blade for use as a Deadman Anchor.