K2 Hellbent Skis 2012

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K2 Hell Bent Skis 2012

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Getboards Loves the K2 Hellbent both in deep powder and in all types of conditions- so will you! You will be stunned at how devilishly easy it is to make the whole mountain your playground. Stomp landings both ways, even in bottomless zones. This freakishly fat beast features Powder Rocker so you can stay afloat in overhead powder and provides surprising grip on hardsnow as you make your way down to rip another run. The HellBent is offered with pre-cut climbing skins so you can climb to the heavens before turning your back and descending into the depths.

Built with Powder Rocker

Performance: Powder: 666%, Park: 10%
Sizes: 169, 179, 189
Dimensions: 160/132/151
Radius: 22m @ 179
Construction: TwinTech Sidewall - Triaxial Braided Fir /Aspen Core
Bindings: Not Included, we recommend the Marker Griffon Schizo
Features: Powder Tip, Tip/Tail Holes/Rivets, Made with Pure Evil, Pre-Cut Skins Available


  • Core and Flex Pattern:Fir and Aspen core: solid and dense woods known for their inherent strength and durability. // Triaxial Braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around the wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control. This makes the ski incredibly energetic and responsive.
  • Construction:TwinTech Construction increases the durability of the sidewalls. Unlike a traditional sidewall, this construction rolls the top material into the sidewall reducing the angle that is prone to abuse. // Tip/Tail Hardware - removable plugs reveal holes that can be used to attach K2 Pre-Cut Skins // Powder Tip tapers early to avoid hooking. // 3.5mm steel edges are durable and far more resistant to cracking.
  • Shape:Powder Rocker™ is designed primarily for deep snow. This large amount of rocker provides additional lift for enhanced soft snow performance in the tip and a surfy feel. A reduced camber region is still present underfoot for a confident edge hold in firmer conditions. // Directional Taper Sidecut maximizes the performance of the ski in the forward direction. The ski makes a slightly different arc when skiing switch.


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