K2 Domain Skis 2012

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K2 Domain Skis 2012

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The symmetrical Domain dominates the whole park. The Jib Rocker profile gives you a stable landing platform underfoot and buttery tips and tails for those focused on tech rail-trickery. From switch lips and hardway on’s to 4-pretz-2s and Super-Feds, the Domain lets you mash out your tailpresses, enhances butters, banged-out manuals, and shuffles. If you’re still reading and comprehending this, you may have just found your perfect ski.

Built with Jib Rocker

Performance: All-Mountain: 20%, Park: 80%

Sizes: 159, 169, 179

Dimensions: 115/90/115

Radius: 21m @ 179

Construction: TwinTech Sidewall - Triaxial Braided Aspen Core

Features: Symmetrical Sidecut, Park Specific Flex Pattern, Tip and Tail hardware



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Mounting and Waxing Services Available

  • Core and Flex Pattern:Aspen core is solid and dense, known for its inherent strength and durability. // Triaxial Braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around the wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control. This makes the ski incredibly energetic and responsive. // Park Flex Pattern is softer in the tip and tail with some rigidity underfoot for ollies.
  • Construction:TwinTech Construction increases the durability of the sidewalls. Unlike a traditional sidewall, this construction rolls the top material into the sidewall reducing the angle that is prone to abuse. // Tip/Tail Hardware - rivets for durability // 3.5mm steel edges are durable and far more resistant to cracking.
  • Shape:Jib Rocker™ has an elevated tip and tail with zero camber underfoot to offer the best blend of playfulness for butters and surface tricks combined with increased pop for unmatched ollie power. // Symmetrical Taper Sidecut gives a ski with equal tip and tail width equivalent arc forward and switch. To maximize performance the mounting location is in the absolute core center.