Giro Skullcandy Approach Bluetooth Adapter

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Giro Skullcandy Approach Bluetooth Adapter

Giro Skullcandy Bluetooth Adapter 2011 Approach adapter from Skullcandy get your music flowing from your iPod to the TuneUps wireless system. 

The Approach Bluetooth® transmitter allows you to listen to music wirelessly by auto-pairing with any Bluetooth® stereo device that supports A2DP and AVRCP profile. 30-Pin connector for use with iPod and iPod Nano.

Detailed Specifications:
  • Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth version

  • 1.2 specification

  • Supported Bluetooth profiles: Advanced Audio

  • Distribution Profile (A2DP)

  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

  • Operating range: Up to 10 meters

  • Weight: 1x g

  • Tx Power: Bluetooth Class 2

  • Audio format: CD Quality (Sub-Band Codec)

  • Functionality: From the Bluetooth device

  • Accessories: EVA carrying case