Flux Snowboard Bindings RK- 2015

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Flux RK Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

The RK features a Highback made out of Urithane, the same stuff that Skateboard wheels are made of. Wheels that help you slide abit when your not on bolts!
The Video Provides good insight, but because Getboards is so thorough, you can also read how sick these bindings really are below! 
It’s designed to provide flexibility and freedom of movement, to help you tweak out your tricks. We’re really loving the leather on this one.
f you are looking for a fun and flexible binding, these bindings will let you have a good time.
All Flux bindings have the unique UU fit design that allows the straps to evenly apply pressure around the boot and into the binding, instead of simply pushing the boot into the high back. This translates to super awesome fun times because when you move your feet, the binding responds. As the softest binding in the Flux’s men’s line, the RK definitely has a lot of give, but it also has a lot to offer. The F-Tech 3D Strap will keep you solid even while grabbing a super tweaked tindy. A full urethane highback gives support when needed, but leaves plenty of options for presses. The full performance blend footbed keeps feet connected to the board with excellent board feel. Just like the writing in the bathroom stall; call the RK for a good time.