Flux Snowboard Binding TT 2015

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Flux Snowboard Binding TT 2015

These 2015 Flux bindings are a collaboration piece between Flux, JSLV, James Haunt and Tyler Lynch of GBP. Like Flux, JSLV is a brand dedicated to staying timeless, innovative and true.

JSLV's signature style and James Haunt's artistic talents combine to create this binding inspired by JSLV and Flux team rider, Tyler Lynch, and his crew of Gremlins called 'GBP'.


Genetic Baseplates-The Genetic Base represents a fusion of science and rider driven feedback. To maximize performance and comfort, this base is formed by extensive studies of the form and movements of your foot. The inner portions of the baseplate of the Flux snowboard bindings are thinner than the outer to create a responsive binding that allows you to better feel your board. 

Footbed-Flux footbeds are designed to give the rider an even platform for stability and better balance. They feature extendable toe and heel ramps for a customized fit and less heel bruise and fatigue. The EVA foam on the footbed is a dual density foam that functions to provide comfort as well as durability. The design is engineered to shed snow as well, making it easier to get in your bindings on pow days. 

Alpha Highback-The Alpha destroys the highback status quo. The 2015 Flux bindings eliminates traditional forward lean adjustments and redesigning the composition we have reduced the highback weight by 35%. Traditional forward lean adjusters often compromise performance by transferring energy between the highback and heelcup through a narrow contact point. The Flux snowboard bindings rely on a series of mounting options on the baseplate to provide a range of forward lean angles, the Alpha Highback is able to distribute pressure more evenly across the heelcup and maximize power transfer. 

Super Tough Nylon-Our Super Tough Nylon blend gives you all day comfort by reducing shock - no bad vibes here. This material molds perfectly to your boots, creating a loving yet lively ride perfect for the pipe or park. 

Hybrid Cushion-A dual density EVA cushion on the highback also strikes the perfect balance between shock absorbing comfort and bombproof stability. 

F-Tech 3D Fit Strap-The three dimensional shape of Flux's F-Tech 3D Fit Strap provides an excellent fit, free of pressure points. It can manhandle the entire mountain. 

L-Guide System-Flux's L-Guide system ensures that your ladders quickly and cleanly lock into your binding's ratchets. Plus it keeps the straps and ladders out of the way. 

UU Fit-A patented Flux original. This design secures the ends of Flux's binding straps to the heelcup and highback. This allows the ankle strap to better transfer power and minimize pinching. Rather than simply applying a downward force on your feet, Flux's design cradles them in 360 degrees of love. 

FTM Monocoque-To keep things light yet comfy, Flux's FTM Monocoque toe straps use a molded, one-piece design. By wrapping the contours of your boot, these straps minimize pressure points and maximize responsiveness. 

Low Profile Ratchet Buckle-The Low Profile Ratchet Buckle smoothly and securely keeps you connected to your shred stick. Whether you’re turning toeside or throwing a 1080, you can trust these things. 
STIFFNESS: 3 of 5 (Medium) 

- Tool less lever 
- Adjustable toe and heel cushion 

Sizing Info

  • Medium fits US Mens (7-9.5)
  • Large fits US Mens (10-13)


For our 2014/2015 season we continue to give you a seamless connection to the snow under your feet. With new and updated features, we continue to push the limits on fit, quality and performance. With a life time warranty on all new baseplates, we are sure our bindings will handle anything that you can. Fit. Durability. Comfort. Promised.