Flux GU Women's Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Flux GU Women's Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Vogue Baseplates-Engineered around the shape and size of female feet, the Vogue Base is female-driven - it’s not a men's baseplate repackaged with a flashy color scheme. Urethane dampeners in the heel absorb shock and allow the board to flex more naturally, while the asymmetrical design of the baseplate ensures that it perfectly cradles your foot. Female-specific sizing also helps end the search for an excellent fit. 

Footbed-Flux footbeds are designed to give the rider an even platform for stability and better balance. They feature extendable toe and heel ramps for a customized fit and less heel bruise and fatigue. The EVA foam on the footbed is a dual density foam that functions to provide comfort as well as durability. The design is engineered to shed snow as well, making it easier to get in your bindings on pow days. 

Chair Highback-This highback utilizes a forward lean adjustment system that does not rely on traditional forward lean adjusters. The forward lean is customized in the contact points, thus making it possible for the highback to sit seamlessly in the heelcup of the baseplate. This system provides a gapless fit between the highback and the baseplate, giving the rider direct power transfer with every turn and carve.

Urethane-A Flux First - borrowed from skateboarding. Yet again, snowboarding rips off another great idea from skating. You know, the same guys that brought you ollies, handrails, and halfpipes. For decades, skate wheels have been made from urethane. Urethane is durable, yet forgiving … kind of like some complicated superhero with a soft heart. We tweaked this technology and applied it to bindings creating a new freestyle standard. Urethane provides a strong balance of support while maximizing flexibility. If you’re hoping to bone out your airs like its 1991 or press rails into the future, our urethane highbacks await you.

F-Tech 3D Fit Strap-The three dimensional shape of Flux's F-Tech 3D Fit Strap provides an excellent fit, free of pressure points. It can manhandle the entire mountain. 

L-Guide System-Flux's L-Guide system ensures that your ladders quickly and cleanly lock into your binding's ratchets. Plus, it keeps those pesky straps and ladders out of the way. 

UU Fit-Affectionately referred to as Patent 6604746, or UU Fit for short, this design secures the ends of our binding straps to the heelcup and highback. This allows the ankle strap to better transfer power and minimize pinching. Rather than simply applying a downward force on your feet, our design cradles them in 360 degrees of love. 

FTM Monocoque-To keep things light yet comfort filled, Flux's FTM Monocoque toe straps use a molded, one-piece design. By wrapping the contours of your boot, these straps minimize pressure points and maximize responsiveness. 

Low Profile Ratchet Buckle-The Low Profile Ratchet Buckle smoothly and securely keeps you connected to your shred stick. Whether you’re turning toeside or throwing a 1080, you can trust these things. 

STIFFNESS: 1 of 5 (Soft) 
- Tool less lever 
- Adjustable toe and heel cushion 

Sizing Info

  • Small fits US Women's (7-9)