Flow Micron Kids Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Flow Micron Kids Snowboard Bindings 2014

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The Micron is the perfect start for the little grom; Kick-Lock-Drop... without any help!! All the Flow fundamental technology in a tight little package.

What it is

  • Molded rockered baseplate.
  • - 1-piece UniBack with EVA-pad.
  • - 1-piece Uni-Fit PowerStrap.
  • - Combi-disks for 4x4 and 3HP mounting.

Core Technology-The three fundamentals that make Flow bindings an industry leader...

Original Reclining Hiback-The fully flat reclining hiback is a pivotal part for the fastest SpeedEntry.

Power Triangle-The steel cable creates a structural triangular geometry for optimal energy transfer from hiback to baseplate.

Powerstraps-These straps cover a larger area of your mid-foot and connect the ankle and toe zones, for a more convenient, comfortable and more powerful riding


Uniback Hibacks-Lightweight 1-piece hibacks that fully recline for easy SpeedEntry & Exit and the comfortable EVA-pads take the pressure off your legs.

Rockered Baseplates-All of Flow's baseplates are uniquely engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without a loss of efficiency or natural board feel.  The minimized contact area with the board channels your power where it needs to go, while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex.