Flow M9 Snowboard Binding 2012

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2012 Flow M9 Snowboard Binding

The M9 is the premier All-Mountain and Freestyle-oriented binding for riders who prefer the feeling of a molded DuPont Zytel Nylon baseplate. The I-Flex PowerStrap with deep side cutouts provides ideal flex for Freestylers and All-Mountain riders...while the 3D shape gives a direct boot-to-binding-to-board feel for those powerful toe-side turns.

Stiffness: 3.5 (out of 5).


  • The original reclining hiback - The simple, one-hand "kick, lock, and drop" operation gets you in and out of your bindings quickly and easily...a biomechanical hiback design that folds totally flat and features "Hiback Flare" makes a Flow binding the easiest binding you've ever used.
  • The one-piece 3D PowerStrap - Flow's unique single-piece footstraps distribute pressure evenly over a wider boot surface so they won't cut off circulation (no more cold feet), crush your foot, or limit your flex range...the 3D shape automatically adapts to every type of boot and foot and gives you more power and support in toe-side turns compared to two-strap designs.
  • The patented PowerTriangle - Flow's PowerTriangle links the hiback directly to the center area of the baseplate with a high-tension steel cable, creating a structurally powerful and very responsive triangular geometry...as a result, you will have more control with no energy loss and less weight than any other binding design on the market.
  • Ventilated hiback - The back flare at the lower edge virtually eliminates any risk of the hiback catching on the heel of your boot when getting out...and it also serves to stiffen the overall hiback structure through enhanced 3D shaping.
  • I-Flex strap - Ideal flex for Freestylers and All-Mountain riders, ...3D molded core and internal multiple-panel frame for precise form-fitting to any type of boot...deep side cut-outs for freedom of movement.
  • Airframe MiniRatchet - The locking Airframe MiniRatchet buckles provide micro-adjustment of the 3D PowerStrap.
  • Free+ SnapLock - For tool-less forward-lean micro-adjustment...without even getting out of your bindings.
  • Combi-Disk - For 4 x 4 and 3HP hole patterns...plus both stance width and toe-heel offset adjustability.
  • Adjustable landing pads - Optimizes boot-to-board energy transfer and provides amazing foot support.
  • Synchronous Length Adjustment (SLA) - Allows for hiback centering and rotation while maintaining ideal PowerTriangle geometry for every hiback position.