Flow Era Snowboard 2014

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Flow Era Snowboard 2014

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This I-rock infused rocker board has been under our top athletes feet for a few years now. Soft enough to lock into that double kink but with enough POP to handle all you can give when loading it up for the gap ahead. The carbon loaded nose and tail will make sure you will also enjoy all the back-country you throw at it.

What it is

  • Whiskey Rocks and Whiskey Shooters
  • - I-Rock Rocker
  • - True Twin
  • - Rock Bands


I-Rock Rocker- Reverse camber with convex base for a natural feel on rails and stability in variable conditions. Combined with camber starting before the binding zone, I-Rock provides stability and camber-like pop for peak to park performance.

Trutwin-Identical nose and tail shape and lengths, combined with an equally designed woodcore profile, allows for a balanced ride whether ridden regular or switch. Freestyle your way through any park, pipe or all over the mountain.

Biaxial-A smooth, easy, torsional feel, the majority of the fibers are in the 0 axis to add extra pop and an easy torsional flex to the board. Easy carving for all-mountain or park performance.

Reflex-We specifically choose wood for its liveliness, strength-to-weight and overall feel. C&C-machine profiling allows us to profile our cores to an exact thickness throughout the board giving you increased snap for better ollies and stability while riding in any terrain.

Whiskey Shooter-One of a kind reverse V-design using 4 carbon strips for crazy pop while keeping the nose/tail free for a fun and agile ride with a lively feel.

Whiskey Royale-An all new shape uses fiberglass beneath the heel and toe areas of the binding to eliminate chatter, increase edge hold and provide a smoother ride.

3D Transitional Sidecut-Smooth with tons of grip, 3D Transitional sidecut blend is uniquely different between the feet, mellow for I-Rock and super tight for Pop-Cam boards.  Mellow tips and aggressive radius in the binding areas gives unlimited grip for an overall super smooth and agile ride.

Sintered 4000-Speed, wax absorption and durability are the main ingredients of the Sintered 4000. This is done through focusing on quality over speed-robbing additives.


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    Trippy! Epic!

    Posted by simon on 16th Nov 2013

    highly recommend this board to any park rat that also likes to shred freshies i love this board!