Fischer Misfit Skis 2009

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Fischer Misfit Skis

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For backcountry lovers. The ski for all those who don't want to miss out on fakie landings and switch rides in deep snow. Sandwich construction with sidewall for perfect performance.

RADIUS 22 m / 186 cm
SIDECUT 129 - 96 - 119
LENGTHS 186, 182, 177

Twin Tip
Shovel and tail have the same amount of bend to allow freedom of movement in all directions.

Core / chassis
Sandwich sidewall construction
A unique concept in ski core manufacturing that gives the entire ski construction the ultimate in stability. The Sandwich Sidewall Construction is the result of an intelligent layered core structure made of poplar and beechwood, featuring a dual Titanal shell and sidewalls that give the ski edges perfect support and make them harder and more durable. The sidewalls are responsible for transferring skiing forces straight to the steel edges which means that the skis can be ridden extremely dynamically and directly. The improved shock absorption is an additional plus in this ski construction.

Wood core
Extremely lightweight and yet long-life wood core with excellent technical properties.