Dynastar PX Team Jib Wide Ski Bindings 2010

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2010 Dynastar PX Team Jib Wide Ski Bindings

The Look PX Team is similar in many ways to the heavier PX bindings from Look, except, well, that it is lighter. This binding has a lightweight build of titanium composite metals but still provides terrific energy transmission and a high DIN value. This binding is best suited for lighter weight adults (women could definitely use this binding) that are aggressive skiers, under 175pounds. This binding comes with a 100mm brake, which is pretty great as it is difficult to find a binding that combines being lightweight with being very high performance and offering a fatter brake. This binding does just that.

This binding is classified as a 'Jib' binding. Allow us to explain! This binding comes with an elastic/softish base called an 'elastomer' that acts as a shock absorber that is mounted between the binding and the ski. This is not a plate, rail, or anything of that nature, it is very minimal in both weight and height, so that this binding is lighter and lower profile than a 'system' binding. This elastomer has been highly reviewed by skiers who enjoy jumps, rails, halfpipes, hucking cliffs...or really any type of skiing where you may want a little softer of a landing.

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PX Team Jib Wide

> Brake Width: 100mm
> Color: White Metal
> Din: 3-10
> Heel ADJ: 45mm
> Heel Height at Brake: 22.2mm
> Toe Height at AFD: 14.2mm

> AFC Plus AFD
> FDC Nova Toe Piece
> PX Heel Base
> PX Heel Piece


5 Year Manufacturer Warranty