Dryguy DG1 Widebody

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The DRYGUY™ Wide-Body™ boot and glove dryer gently dries all kinds of boots, liners, shoes or gloves in about an hour - warming in less - while offering maximum liner protection and eliminating unpleasant odor. (zoom in on image for more details)

Ski and Snowboard boots are normally hard to dry and usually take longer than one night to Air-Dry… The DRYGUY™ Wide-Body™ uses gently warmed “Forced Air” technology to dry boots, gloves, shoes and accessories in about One Hour!

The approximate temperature of the air coming out at the nozzle is 99°F / 38°C, warm enough to dry without causing damage. The Wide-Body™ boot and glove dryer dries quickly, efficiently and quietly, eliminating moisture and preventing growth of bacteria and mold.
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DRYGUY™ boot dryer features:

* Dry Comfort™ Forced Air Technology
* 4 extra tall air chambers
* Dries 4 garments simultaneously
* Heats to 99° Fahrenheit
– will not harm any liners or garments
* Kills Odor
* High impact Lightweight Construction
* Heat / No Heat Switch
* 3 Hour Timer


* Model - WBDG1
* Dry time - Approximately 1 – 2 Hours
* Power - 110 Volt AC Household Current
* Max. Temperature - 99° F / 38° C
* Cord - 6’ Length
* Quiet - 80,000 Hour-rated Whisper Quiet Rotary Blower
* Warranty - One Year Warranty


Our guarantee. If you don't like the DRYGUY™ boot dryer, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. Can't beat that!