Dalbello Voodoo Ski Boots 2015

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Dalbello Voodoo Ski Boots 2015


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Athletic and ambitious freestylers looking to step it up to the next level with love the Voodoo. New lightweight, 3 Piece Cabrio Design architecture featuring Dalbello's unique Hyperband closure cuff wrap and Super Comfort innerboot fit system. The Voodoo an extraordinary performer around the park, or for all terrain.


Cabrio Design

What Does it Do?- Modern shaped skis are more responsive and easier to turn than old style long, “straight skis”. Modern skis respond to very subtle and precise changes in angulations, edge pressure, and steering forces. Modern shaped skis are more dynamic than old style skis, requiring a ski boot that has strong side-to-side stability along with smooth and progressive flexibility in the forward direction. Modern skis, for most skiers, do not respond favorably to high quantities of force and pressure that are typically characteristic of more traditional design ski boots. Cabrio Design technology ski boots give skiers the optimal combination of support, stability, balanced stance, powerful edging control, and dynamic response.

What Is It?-The revolution continues. Dalbello’s critically acclaimed, 3 Piece Cabrio Design architecture has been the cornerstone of our top performance, all mountain and freestyle models for more than a decade. This unique construction combines a 3 piece construction assembly - shell/cuff/tongue – that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. Dalbello’s Cabrio models provide the ultimate in responsive performance to ski your best. Accept no imitations.


How Does it Function?-Cabrio Design permits the use of stiffer and more rigid plastics in the lower shell. This strengthens the support around the foot and lower leg providing quick response and precise transfer of power to the ski edges. This design also prevents the lower shell from distorting and bulging as the boot flexes, making the boot more smooth and stable at high speeds and on irregular terrain. Smooth and progressive forward flex is precisely controlled using an external shell tongue.
Changing dynamic flex and performance is controlled by simply changing tongue material and geometry, or by limiting the forward movement of the boot cuff with the flex adjustment mechanism. Only Cabrio Design ski boots feature such rigid and precise lateral support while at the same time providing a smooth and progressive flex. Cabrio Design technology also has a greater degree of fitting versatility than traditional ski boots . Cabrio Design is able to adapt to a wider variety of feet shapes and instep heights than conventional ski boots due the “open throat” lower shell/shell tongue construction.

Whats the Advantage?

  • Super convenient to put on/take off
  • Quick and responsive ski feel
  • Smooth and natural flexing tongue dampens shocks & absorbs vibration
  • Improved comfort with no shin-bang


What is it?-Dynalink is an independently functioning heel/instep closure band assembly that secures the skiers foot in the middle and rearfoot sections of the ski boot.


What Does it Do?-Dynalink holds the skiers foot securely toward the rear part of the ski boot. During boot flex, the Dyanlink band does not permit the foot to slide forward or the heel to lift lifting inside the boot shell. The closure system prevents the lower shell from bulging and distorting when the boot is flexed forward. Because the skier’s foot is held more securely, high speed stability and control over the skis on irregular and difficult terrain are improved.

How Does it Function?-Dynalink band (plastic closure strap) is fixed to the lower shell at, or near, the inside (medial) cuff hinge. The Dynalink closure buckle, on the lateral side, is attached to the lower shell (instead of cuff). Both closure band and buckle are fixed in position on the lower shell when the Dynalink assembly is closed. Neither component is permitted to move, either forward or up and down, with the boot cuff as the boot is flexed. The foot is, therefore, securely held in position and can not lift of slide during skiing. This assembly also prevents the boot from bulging and distorting during skiing.

The Best Shock Absorbtion

The Best Shock Absorbtion-Aggressive and competitive riders need to minimize their risk of injury to stay in top riding form. Shock absorbing elements absorb and minimize shock to the foot and shin.


Shock Absorbing Cuff Insert-Shock absorbing elements absorb and minimize shock to the foot and shin.

Shock Absorbing Cuff Insert

Shock Absorbing Heel Insert-Shock absorbing elements absorb and minimize shock to the foot and shin.

Shock Absorbing Heel Insert


DB Hylite Polimer-The perfect blend of ski boot techno-polymer. dbHylite is an extremely lightweight performance polymer that provides superior anti-shock and vibration

Adjustable Flex-Thanks modular insert to be applied between shell and cuff, you will get 3 different degrees of flexion

Low Cuff Hinge Point-High leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted approximately 10 cm lower than standard construction boot designs. The LOW HINGING CUFF permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural movement of the skier’s legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion.

Inverted Forefoot Buckles-Forefoot closure buckles (above instep) are inverted to close on top of the boot shell, not on the side. The top closure positioning prevents buckle breakage and bending during rail slides, grinds, falls, and transitions.

Micro Buckles-A SIMPLE TURN OF BUCKLE! Through the use of micrometer buckles easy to use, will be easier to customize our boots!

Supercomfort MS Liner

  • Comfort Density Foam
  • A.C. Adaptive Comfort Toebox
  • Heat System Ready Construction
  • Suolette Orthofit Performance

Flex: 90-A good compromise for all-mountain advanced skiers that would like some adjustability in their boot flex.

Last: 103 mm-Extremely versatile fitting last combines an expanded volume forefoot and toebox area with a close fitting rearfoot ankle area. This comfortably accommodates a wide range of foot shapes with max foothold and exceptional comfort