Dalbello Aspire 5.9 Women's Ski Boots 2012

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Dalbello Aspire 5.9 Womens Ski Boots 2012

Comes with a FREE SAGA facemask and FREE USA shipping!

The Dalbello Aspire 5.9 ski boots have exactly one goal in life: To keep feet happy and warm. These boots are completely comfort oriented, they will not force you to become a better skier like stiffer boots, but they also won't make you(r wife/daughter) hate skiing because of painful feet.

Bi component shell: Two different densities of plastic used to keep the boot stiff and able to perform at high speeds, yet softer in specific areas to make them easier to put on and take off.

30mm Power Strap: A velcro strap, 30mm in height, acts as an extra buckle to keep the top of the boot together. The 30mm straps are good for recreational skiers or junior racers.

Shock Absorber Heel: An insert in the heel absorbs shock from harsh, jolting terrain, and helps cushion big air landings.

Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles: These aluminum buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.

55 Flex Rating: Translation: This boot is soft. It is best suited for beginners, lower intermediates, or skiers that just like soft boots. There's nothing wrong with that, unless the skier is skiing fast over variable terrain, in which case, they'd need a boot with more support from a stiffer flex rating.

105mm Last Width: This boot has a 105mm width in the forefoot area, and is one of the widest available for ski boots. This width gives wide-footed skiers a chance to enjoy skiing, instead of cramping up and getting pressure points the whole day. Average width skiers will find that this width is very comfortable and warm.

Supercomfort Liner: Dalbello's Supercomfort liner is super comfortable. It is fairly basic, but thats fine since you will find it in more entry level boots. And also it is super comfortable, did we mention that?

Dalbello's Owner's Manual: This may seem trivial, but Dalbello boots come with the most thorough owner's manual that we've ever seen. They walk you through any and all of the adjustments that each particular boot can make. Thumbs up for the great info, Dalbello!
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