CAPiTA x Volcom Stone Snowboard 2016

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CAPiTA x Volcom Stone Snowboard 2016

The Volcom Stone series features a revolutionary camber configuration that gives you a traditional camber board with unprecedented predictability. Through a small zero camber section integrated with specific sidecut blend zones near the tip and tail, you can enjoy the pop and power of traditional camber with unmatched stability at high speeds. Featuring an all new Powershift Dual Core™ and Dynaweave fiberglass configuration this construction maximizes dampening and predictability from a highly maneuverable board. Whether you’re poppin’ ollies off of a mogul or ready to send it off a Superpark jump, you can trust the Volcom Stone.


Volcom was founded on liberation, innovation and experimentation while remaining dedicated to the breakdown of established traditions. They have never waivered from their core philosophy of "Youth Against Establishment" and have always embodied the creative spirit of youth culture. Our companies live in different spaces and make different products, but we share humble beginnings, a desire to protect and provide for the culture of snowboarding, and we consider it an honor to present a new product collaboration between the CAPiTA Super Corporation and Volcom Stone. For 2015, we have made a variation of our award winning Outsiders series with an exclusive core configuration and custom Volcom art. If you want the performance of a true-twin CAPiTA park destroyer while staying true to the Volcom Stone, this board is for you.



  • NEW Powershift Dual Core- Lightweight and durable, this is CAPiTA's most uniform-flexing core. Made of Poplar and Beech wood strips that are fused together, this core provides improved edge hold while carving and eliminates chatter at high speeds, contributing more power to ollies and landings.
  • Dynaweave/2 x 30 mm Carbon Fiber Beams – A resin/glass application that gives you a lighter board while achieving a much higher energy return.This weave features Triax glass on the top of the core and biaxial beneath, creating more response while increasing strength and durability. Dual beams of carbon run parallel to the edges for ample pop and board feel.
  • Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base+ Titanal Base Inlay-These bases are created by taking pellets of ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene and compressing them through heat and pressure. The minuscule spaces left behind absorb wax and allow for extended periods of high-speed shredding as the wax wicks to the surface while you ride. This prevents your base from drying out and keeps the surface feeling freshly waxed throughout the day. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast and durable.
  • Level 5 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Topsheet+ PLT Topsheet Technology-The environmentally-conscious PLT technology reduces the need of harmful chemicals while creating a high-quality and glossy metallic topsheet. Paired with DeepSpace™ advanced ink bonding and curing technologies for a killer graphic.
  • Flex Rating: 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – This mildly stiff flexing snowboard offers a responsive, fun and agile freestyle-oriented ride you can take anywhere.
  • True Twin– Ride switch, regular, or upside down, this board won't care; completely symmetrical from tip to tail.
  • Radial Sidecut– A radial sidecut is a single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same arc
  • Graphics by Volcom Stone
  • Die-cut Base
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • Full ABS Sidewalls With Silkscreened Graphics
  • 4 x 2 Inserts


New Age Camber– Capita's freestyle twist on traditional camber. Placing camber between the bindings where it transitions to an entirely flat base 4 cm before the end of the sidecut. The small zero camber sections near the tip and tail provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of a cambered board.


Size (cm)150152154156
Effective Edge (mm)    1170    1180    1188    1190
Tip Width (mm)    293    295    297    299
Waist Width (mm)    250    252    254    255
Tail Width (mm)    293    295    297    299
Sidecut Radius (m)    7.9    7.9    8.0    8.1
Stance Setback (in)     0     0     0     0
Stance Range (in)    24    24    25    25
Stance Range (mm)    60.9    60.9    63.5    63.5
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular